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Canada | Travel advice | Smartraveller: The Australian Government's ...
Canada overall. Exercise normal safety precautions; Exercise a high degree of caution; Reconsider your need to travel; Do not travel .

Documents Needed to Go Between Canada & USA by Car | USA ...
New laws regarding travel between Canada and the United States recently went into effect in the U.S. and resulted in a change in the documentation required to .

Travelling in North America - Passport Canada
Mar 26, 2012 . It is recommended that you consult your travel agent, the embassy or . Information about entry requirements for people returning or travelling to Canada. . for a list of accepted documents for travel to, from or through the United States. . All Canadian citizens need a valid passport for entry to Mexico.


Travel Documents - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic / www
Papers required to enter the Dominican Republic. A passport or equivalent national identity document and a visa is required of foreigners traveling to the DR .

US Citizens - Documents needed for entry into the U.S.
What documents, identification, and paperwork does a U.S. citizen need to travel internationally? If you are traveling in the Western Hemisphere (Canada, .

Nov 3, 2011 . Travel Documents: Both the U.S. and Canadian governments urge . Canada, it is very important to note that all U.S. citizens are required to .

What Papers Do I Need to Go to Canada? | USA Today
Canada and the United States enjoy a friendly relationship, so it is relatively easy to cross the border. American citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada.

Canada Welcomes You!Travel Reminders for Visiting Canada
To find out if you need a visa, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site. . custody, have copies of relevant legal documents, such as custody rights.

Do you need papers to travel in Canada
It is becoming more and more important to provide yourself with adequate documentation. Many oppose it, but an internal passport document is getting closer to .


Do Americans Need a Passport to Visit Canada? - Canada Travel ...
If you need a passport right away, get a passport within 24 hrs with . Canada Travel Documents - Valid Canada Travel Documents and Passport Substi.

Do I Need a Passport to Visit Canada | US Passport Requirements
What are the US Canada passport requirements for travelling to Canada? Get all the information you need to plan your Canadian vacation here. . on your country of origin, there are specific documents that you must possess to enter Canada.

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Travel Documents - Dominican Republic
With few exceptions, a passport or equivalent national identity document is required to travel to the DR. Citizens of the US and Canada can enter with a tourist .

Greece Documents: Documents required to travel to Greece and the ...
Information about required Greece documents with also much travel . the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, need a visa to enter Greece. I.D.: .

  • U.S. Border Crossing Requirements - Western Hemisphere Travel ...
    Starting June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens returning home from Canada, Mexico, the . by land or sea, are required to present one of the travel documents listed below.

  • BC bound? Don't forget to pack your passport - The Seattle Times
    Jan 25, 2010 . U.S. citizens may get into Canada with a birth certificate and picture ID. But they'll need more than that to get back home. . their duty to ensure every American coming into Canada has the appropriate documents to get home.

  • International Travel & International Flights | Delta Air Lines
    The information below will help you figure out exactly which documents you'll need to enter the countries you're visiting, and then get back to home sweet home.

  • Crossing the Canadian Border - Canada Travel -
    Crossing the Canadian Border - What You Need to Know to Visit Canada . bringing children across the Canadian border, including what documents to bring .

  • Acceptable IDs | Transportation Security Administration
    Dec 16, 2012 . Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show a U.S. federal or state- issued photo ID in order to be allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto their flight. . driver's license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) card . are not required to carry their passports if they have documents issued .

  • Passports Required For U.S. Citizens Returning from Canada and ...
    Jun 2, 2009 . Starting today, every American citizen is now required to have a passport to return to the U.S., even for travel to Mexico and Canada. Beginning .

Travel and Work in Canada | Temporary Work Visa For Work ...
Feb 14, 2013 . Through International Experience Canada both students and . Experience Canada gives you the information you need to Travel and Work in Canada for . including the submission of all supporting documents electronically.

Travelling to the USA with a German Passport - ...
"Electronic System for Travel Authorization" (ESTA) . necessary procedures and be informed which documents you will have to present at the border crossing.

Papers, Please! » Blog Archive » Today we're all prisoners in the USA
Jun 1, 2009 . You can't go unless the U.S. government approves your papers or approves a . former general exceptions, for land travel between the USA, Canada, and Mexico , . You don't need us to tell you what's wrong with this picture.

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  1. Canada visa information
    If you are going to need a Study Permit it is recommended that you apply for one before travelling to Canada because applications can only be made from abroad. . What supporting documents should I include with my application? Proof of .

    • Travel Documents for Canadians Going to the U.S. - June 2009 ...
      May 20, 2009 . Effective June 1, 2009, the United States government has implemented new requirements for travel documents for Canadians entering or .

    • Documents and Papers
      Travelers have long needed various documents to travel. . and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada will be required to have a passport .

    • Travelling with children, persons with special needs and ...
      Prior to any travel that includes a child, you . The following documents may be required to . Status Document from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

    What Can I Bring Into Canada in Terms Of Food, Plant, Animal
    Jan 22, 2013 . If you bring these products into Canada, you may go through further . For more information, go to the "When are documents required?" section.

    Travel document - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Travel documents usually assure other governments that the bearer may return . However, in several provinces of Canada and U.S. states, nationals/citizens can . Channel Islands, no travel documents are required by British or Irish citizens.

  2. No Fooling: U.S. Border Crossing Can Be A Hassle - Travel ...
    May 26, 2010 . “I want to alert Canadians that whatever necessary paperwork needs to . Most Canadians do not need to go there as we can afford food and .

    Documentation and requirements for entry into Spain: for ...
    The documents they are required to present will vary according to the motive of the trip. You can check these on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and .


  1. Canada Visa - The Rules, The Procedure, The Documents
    Visitors; Students; Workers; Permanent Residents *(only those who need a travel document to return to Canada). Visa applications may be submitted at any of .

    What Documents Do I Need for Mexico Travel - Student Travel ...
    That answer and all about Mexico travel documents like id, Mexico tourist cards and links to news on the new PASS passport substitute for Mexico and Canada.


Separation Papers for Canada
Separation papers for Canada are required to be drafted in a manner acceptable . the divorce forms are prepared and you get step-by-step guidelines on what .

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    Country travel advice and advisories for Saint Lucia
    Jan 4, 2013 . Government of Canada navigation bar. Government of Canada . of Canada. . Travelling Abroad · Returning to Canada .

    Visa for Canada - Canada Travel -
    People from many countries do not need a visa to visit or transit Canada, . Gather the necessary documents , make the appropriate payment, and mail in or take .

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Canada: Banks & Money - TripAdvisor
Inside Canada: Banks & Money - Before you visit Canada, visit TripAdvisor . Paper bank notes are being phased out in favour of polymer (plastic) bank notes.

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Passport Requirements Flying into Canada - Canada Travel - About ...
If you need a passport right away, get a passport within 24 hrs with . In this way, the U.S. and Canada border laws may be different on paper, but, in practice, the .

Returning to Canada -
Nov 27, 2012 . Make your re-entry safe and easy - here is all you need to know about going through customs, the process for re-entering Canada, what to do if .

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  • Before You Travel To Canada - Planning Your Trip to Canada
    Learn What Travel Documents You'll Need. Don't slow a vacation down by not having the right travel documents. Once a confusing issue, crossing the Canada .

  • NEXUS (frequent traveler program) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The program is operated by the Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs . or a paper application, processed by the Canadian Border Services Agency. . and no-fly list databases and United Kingdom Police National Computer.

  • Bulgaria Visas | Visa Requirements for Bulgaria
    Entry requirements for Canadians: Canadians do not need a visa to visit . or return tickets in addition to other documents needed for the next destination.

  • Returning to Canada without PR card. But only with Landing Papers ...
    But when i double checked my landing papers, the local address in . You don't need PR card to travel outside Canada, but you need it or .

  • India Visa Documents
    To obtain a visa to India, you must complete the following documents: . must have a valid travel document and a re-entry permit, if required under the law of the .

  • Country travel advice and advisories for New Zealand
    Feb 13, 2013 . Government of Canada navigation bar. Government of Canada . of Canada. . Travelling Abroad · Returning to Canada .

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Apply–Visit Canada as a tourist
Dec 15, 2012 . Before you plan your visit, you should find out if you need a visa to enter Canada. If you do not need a visitor visa, you will still need to meet .

Welcome to the Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada
Aug 13, 2012 . Temporary and Permanent resident travel documents - Frequently Asked Questions · Need help? Find the answers in the Help Centre - Go!

Susan Denney, R.N. Pet Regulations for Travel Between Countries
Please be aware that for travel from Canada or Mexico or any other country to the U.S. . All documents, all required conditions for the health and vaccination .

Country travel advice and advisories for Dominican Republic
Jan 16, 2013 . Travelling Abroad(open the submenu with the enter key and close with the escape key). Returning to Canada(open the submenu with the enter .

Visa Forms and Guides - Canada Visa Application Centre
Please note the Required Documents for All Applicants: . For example, travelling for visiting family members and friends in Canada shall complete the form of .

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Mexico Travel with children entry requirements - Do kids need a ...
The travel documents required for children vary according to the form of travel, the . Canada or the Caribbean by land or sea are required to show a passport or .

Passports, Visas, ID, and Documents - Caribbean Travel -
All you need to know about the documentation you'll need to travel to the islands of the . and those who do (say, by taking a flight from Canada) faces still fines.

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What Travel Documents do I Need for Student Travel?
Learn which travel documents you may need for student travel -- passport, tourism . You will almost always need a passport (learn about Mexico and Canada .

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Canada International
    Mar 21, 2012 . Q. My passport is expired/about to expire and I need to travel soon. . When you go and apply in person inside Canada, there are some expedited . A. No, you do not need to fill out all the information or submit documents .

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Travel
    Planning a trip that will take you across the border and back? . Travel Initiative ( WHTI) requires U.S. citizens and nonimmigrant aliens from Canada, . the United States by air, land or sea ports-of-entry to have WHTI compliant documents.

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  • Canadian ID Cards and Documents - Canada Online -
    Travel Documents for Canadians Going to the U.S.. Travel documents required for Canadians to enter or transit the United States by air, land and sea. Canadian .

  • Passport Requirements for US citizens
    Before January 2007, US citizens were able to take trips to Canada, Mexico, and . Note too that for some types of travel you need to have your documents in .

TC-40D Tax Exemption Form for a Dependent with a Disability

Passport Requirements Driving to Canada - Canada Travel - About ...
If you need a passport right away, get a passport within 24 hrs with Land & Sea . Canada Travel Documents & Passport Substitutes .

Passport Requirements and Other Documents for Visiting Canada
passport requirements and other documents needed. From Myka Carroll. See More About. crossing borders with kids · canada travel with kids. --July 1 2008 .

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Visa and Passport Requirements for Germany - Do You Need Visa ...
If you are a US citizen: You do not need a visa to travel to Germany, only a valid . Travel Documents - What Travel Documents Will I Need for Student Travel . Mexico Travel Canadian Citizen Entry Requirements - Do Canadians need a pas .

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Can I Bring My Pet to Canada? - Canada Travel -
Answers to More Questions about Crossing the Canadian Border. Do US Citizens Need a Passport to Go to Canada · Bringing Children Across the Canadian .

Canada Travel - About Canada Travel & Vacations
5 hours ago . Canada Travel - Information and practical advice from on Canada travel, including hotels, restaurants flights, top attractions from experts who .

Entering the U.S. and Canada with DUI offenses
Can I enter Canada and the U.S. if I have a DUI on my record? As a general rule, Canada does not allow persons with DUI's to enter their country, although .

Travel Documents and Passport Substitutes for Mexico Travel
For travel to Mexico by land and sea, there are a few valid travel documents that may act as substitutes for a passport. . Do Canadians need passports?

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Before You Travel to Mexico - Mexico Travel -
Passports, Travel Documents and Entry Requirements. Early in . Mexico Travel Canadian Citizen Entry Requirements - Do Canadians need a pas... Mexico .

Rules and Documents - Air Travel -
Travel Documents for Flying. Passports are becoming increasingly essential, even in jurisdictions where you once just needed proof of residence. Visas too, are .

Transit Visa Canada - Canada Travel -
Transit Visa Canada - Learn about Transit Visa Canada. . required by anyone from a non-visa-exempt country who is travelling through Canada . Gather the necessary documents and mail in or take the application to a Canada Visa Office.

Do I Need a Passport to Travel to Mexico - Mexico Travel -
Find out about current entry requirements and whether you need a passport for . More frequently asked questions about Mexico travel documents and entry .

Vancouver to Seattle Border Crossing: Which Travel Documents do I ...
Vancouver to Seattle Border Crossing: Which Travel Documents do I need? Quick Guide to Documents Needed for Travel between Canada and the U.S. .

WHTI | Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative | USA
The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires U.S. and . Standard documents will enable the Department of Homeland Security to quickly and .

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Travel
Import commercial shipments between the U.S./Mexico or U.S./Canada quickly . NEXUS cards are WHTI-compliant documents for land and sea travel, as well .

Mexico Travel Planning FAQ
Learn about Mexico travel documents you need to get before you go, whether you need shots to visit Mexico, about Mexico water, driving in Mexico and where to .

Canadian Passport Applications - Canada Online -
If you are travelling outside Canada, the Canadian federal government . Canadian Passport Application Forms · Documents Required for Canadian Passport .

Before You Go to China - What You Need to Know Before You Visit
Find out what you need to and should do to prepare for your trip to China. You'll want to get your travel documents ready, such as your passport and visa, read .

Passport Rules - Student Travel -
Current passports rules for US citizens are a bit confusing right now -- get the . who needs passports, whether you need passports to cross US borders and more. . for Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and the US, passports and air travel, passport legislation and more. . Student Travel and Passports, Travel Documents .

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How to Use US Money in Canada | USA Today - Travel Tips - USA ...
Passports to Go to Canada · Documents Needed to Go Between Canada & USA by Car. As of 2010, US and Canadian dollars are close in value, with slight .

Find application forms and guides Basic HTML version. Immigrate(open the submenu with the enter key and close with the escape key). Visit(open the submenu with the enter key .

Apply for work permit—Working off campus
Dec 15, 2012 . Basic HTML version. Immigrate(open the submenu with the enter key and close with the escape key). Visit(open the submenu .

How to Get Your First US Passport
Learn more: Do I need a US passport in Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean? . from the government: "The forms...must be printed in black print on white paper.

Passports for children - Passport Canada
Jan 25, 2013 . All children who travel, including newborns and infants, need their own passport or . Additional documents or information may be requested.

Do you need the other parent's permission to take a child out of the ...
Even if it weren't out of the country you need a notarized paper stating you have . Canada is reported to be more strict than the US about children traveling .'s_permission_to_take_a_child_out_of_the_country