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Comparing and Selecting Skis - Parabolic Skis - Shaped Skis
Flex is the factor that will affect a skiers float, turning, and overall stability. Do you ski . To get the most speed out of your next run, stick with straight skis for their .

Ski Equipment | Skis | Custom Ski Boot Fitting | St Paul MN
But you'll find that turning them is different than with straight skis. . feel more stable at higher speeds, which is important as you improve your skiing technique.

Snow Skis Buying Guide, Stores, and Prices
These days, new ski technology makes shorter skis more stable and faster, . Soft, wide, straight skis are ideal for beginners because they will slow the skier .


Evolution of Ski Shape
Aug 29, 2011 . Since that time, the “straight” ski with parallel edges has been a . The workmen at Thor Groswold's factory were among the more innovative talents . meant that the new 180cm skis could be as stable as the old straight 205s .

Carving on Shaped Skis
Place more weight on your downhill ski on the inside edge. . Think about your lower body rolling underneath your stable upper body. As you are . Your shoulders, chest and hips face straight downhill, while your skis turn beneath them.

Why It's Important to Update Your Straight Skis | Sun & Ski Sports
Nov 19, 2008 . A shorter turn radius means the moguls are tighter and deeper, making them even more difficult for even the skilled straight-ski contestant to .

Skiing Tips for Beginners, Intermediates and Experts - Learn to Ski
The most stable position when skiing is to have your feet shoulder width apart . Useful Exercise - On a gentle slope, going straight down the hill, try making your .

Winter Ski and Sniwboard FAQ
A ski without any sidecut is completely straight; a ski with lots of sidecut . What you get is a wider platform that affords more stability and float in natural snow.

benefits of old skis, the old straight skis
Do any straight skis. . Most importantly, I have a lot of fun on them. . Some modern shaped skis are more stable than others, but they all want .


Fine Tuning Downhill Ski Boots: Are You Getting The Performance ...
Oct 2, 2011 . The boot's job is to let you get the ski on edge–the more you tip the ski, the . way over on edge on straight skis, and it works for the new skis, as well. . made my skis feel more stable with less tip- wandering wiggle when just .

Skis with a side cut that is more exaggerated than the straight ski design, tails narrower than the shovels, and skis that are wider at the waist for more stability.

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New straigh skis more stable Placements/LRE Review Specialist

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Straight Skis vs. Parabolic Skis |
Today, on any ski slope, straight skis are conspicuous by their absence. . In fact, a parabolic ski with a more pronounced sidecut exerts pressure over . that a 170 -centimeter shaped ski is equally as stable as a 200-centimeter straight ski.

Downhill Ski Bindings: How to Choose
Nov 20, 2012 . Some powder skiers prefer little or no lift, so their skis are less "turny" and more stable when going straight at speed. Similarly, terrain park .

  • Frequently Asked Questions- Maison De Ski - Ski & Snowboard ...
    Can we pick up our equipment the afternoon before we ski? Sure. There is no charge for picking up your equipment the afternoon before you will be skiing.

    skis inherently have more drag than straight skis or hydraulic skis, and tend to be . of metal skag or runner on the bottom to help with directional stability on icy .

  • Ski Haus Blog: Elan Amphibio Review
    May 19, 2011 . That's because straight skis had little to no sidecut and a person had to . downhill ski there is more power, more energy, and more stability in .

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Breckenridge Colorado Ski and ...
    If you want to try more specialized, high performance equipment, look at the Speciality . give you the stability that you had to go long to get with the old straight skis. . With the old 'straight ski' you indeed had to be a pretty good skier to handle .

  • How to Ski Powder – 15 Tips for Learning in 24 Hours
    Oct 14, 2011 . Once again: keep them more forward than you think makes sense. . Squat at the mid-point of the straight lines, then — without a pause at the . for more stability and control instead of trying to turn with the skis themselves.

  • Ski
    Shaped skis are wider and therefore provide more surface area. This permits you to use a shorter ski when compared to a straight ski. . that is about 5 cm less than their height because they use longer skis to increase stability at high speeds .

How to Parallel Turn - Online Ski Lessons - Mechanics of Skiing
When most skiers start learning to parallel turn they will often have their skis . This is stable because the skis are always traveling in a forwards direction, so that . straight forwards, before the skis start sliding sideways in the other direction.

A Powder Skier's Apprenticeship, part 2 - Breakthrough On Skis ...
Just cruise straight through that new snow, bouncing a little on both feet to get used to the fact . It will make an incredible difference if you can get comfortable, feel stable and . Powder skiing more than anything else is a slow-motion sport!

Snowboarding craze cools as new designs make skiing easier - Los ...
Jan 12, 2013 . Last season alpine skiing replaced snowboarding as the most popular snow sport . Shaped skis are shorter than traditional straight skis.

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  1. Downhill Skis - How To Information |
    Parabolic skis, more commonly referred to as shaped skis, are thin in the . In the days of traditional straight skis, skis came in two basic types: downhill and cross country. . A good beginner ski should be forgiving, stable and easy to turn.

    • Skis – What to Look For When Buying Your First Pair of Snow Skis ...
      Length. Perhaps the single most important attribute to pay attention to. Put simply, longer skis are faster and more stable at higher speeds, shorter skis are more .

    • Parabolic Skis vs Straight Skis Buying Guide, Stores, and Prices
      By about 1980, no straight skis were sold by major manufacturing companies at all. . gain more control of your turning and stopping, and you'll feel stable when .

    • How to Attach Skins to Skis |
      Straight skins come in different widths to fit different styles of skis. . traction for ascending uphill slopes, giving you more stability when carrying a heavy pack.

    What size ski? |
    A: Growing up with only straight skis, it used to be simple to decide ski length by . In general, more experienced skiers prefer longer skis for stability, while .

    Archive of Past Ski Area News
    Today's average unskilled skier is light years ahead of what they were on straight skis with bogus bindings. Even the worst skiers look more stable than many .

  2. What Cross-Country Skis Are for Ungroomed Trails? |
    For cross-country skiing on flat or slightly rolling terrain, use straight skis that are . Nordic skis that are wider than skate skis or track skis give more stability on .

    Ski Equipment Rentals - Whistler Ski Hire
    Most of our guests choose 'All-mountain' High Performance Skis when . to a ski that is 15% lighter, and even more stable at higher speeds, and you have . come-precut to seamlessly integrate with the COOMBack skis straight out of the box.


  1. Cross-country skiing, how easy to learn? -
    However, a wider ski gives you more stability. . Not only can you go straight up hills with skins, you can carve some pretty decent turns going .

    Glossary of Skiing Terms and Phrases: Latest, snowHeads ski forum
    Can flow in a straight line over irregular terrain. . Most ski boots stand at a neutral 0 degrees and allow the boot fitter to adapt . Are fitted to the underside of ski touring bindings and provide the skier with stability when crossing icy or rocky .


Optimum Ski Length | LIVESTRONG.COM
Mar 14, 2011 . Despite this revelation, ski length is still one of the most confusing and . Because straight skis lack this sidecut, they must rely on their length for stability. . begin to ski steeper terrain, a longer ski may provide more stability.

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    Modern shaped skis are more dynamic than old style skis, requiring a ski boot that has strong side-to-side stability along with smooth and progressive flexibility .

    Breckenridge Ski Rental FAQs - ResortQuest Ski & Sport
    Best Breckenridge Colorado ski shop and discount ski rental packages. . Due to their construction and width you get the same stability on the snow with a shorter shaped ski as you would with the old straight skis so you . Performance rental skis are for those who are beginning to ski faster and want to ski Green runs more .

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Best Skis – Compare Reviews and Rankings | Bestcovery
Jul 11, 2012 . Skis are getting more and more difficult to buy. . The Volkl Mantra has stable, responsive construction for GS-level arcing . Its Adaptive Rocker is curled and floaty when you want it and straight and fast when you need it.

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Robert Neubecker - Drawing on Snow
Aug 28, 2011 . With the older, skinny straight skis, in order to turn them, you had to first . the ski the longer, faster, and more stable the turn, as in giant slalom.

Skiing FAQ: Should I try fat skis for freestyle skiing?
Freestyle skiing is growing more popular with ever XGames telecast on ESPN. . they should give it a try with fat skis instead of their regular, straight skis. . wider ski for freestyle skiing is that it provides you with far more stability and control for .

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  • Atomic BETA V 8.20 POWER CHANNEL All Mountain Reviews
    They offer a bit more grip but are no more stable. . They are better than my old Atomic straight skis, though I think skill is more important than equipment in any .

  • Prophet 90 Skis | Line Skis 2012-2013 | Skiing is Fun
    You'll have a new passport for going far beyond the groomers, with this all mountain ski, while maintaining the effortless control you've always enjoyed.

  • Keystone Ski Rental FAQ - ResortQuest Ski & Sport
    Snowboard rentals and ski accessories from RQ Keystone ski shop for all your skiing needs. . Due to their construction and width you get the same stability on the snow with a shorter shaped ski as you would with the old straight skis so you can . are for those who are beginning to ski faster and want to ski Green runs more .

  • Ski Boots | Ski Bindings | Maryland Ski Shop
    Overall, modern ski boots are more comfortable and less aggressive than the those created for straight skis. It's time to stop unbuckling . They are flat mounted to keep the boot lower on the ski for extra stability and durability. Our flat mount ski .

  • How to Adjust Snowmobile Skis |
    . turning radius, ride stability, and to ensure even wear of the ski runners. . Park the snowmobile on a flat and level surface with the skis facing straight ahead. . If you extend the tie rods more than an inch, the tie rod ends can become too .

  • Arinsal Andorra - Carving Skis Explained
    Many people have heard of carving skis, parabolic skis or shaped skis, but a lot of beginners and . The further it is tipped, the more it will bend. . The skis developed further south, half a millennium later, were longer for stability in . until the late 1990s – long and straight with a slight sidecut i.e. the ski was slightly narrower .

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  • New Ski Products, Programs Ease Learning Process :: Weekend ...
    The unhappy fact is that most folks who take a beginner ski lesson don't . Shaped skis displaced the older generation of straight skis in every performance category. . putting a fat, stable 73mm waist on its Verse 5 beginner-intermediate ski.

  • Common Skiing Accidents
    Catching an edge is one of the most common skiing accidents. . As a result, either the stable or unstable leg will experience torquing, which can result in a .

  • KÄSTLE Ski - Pure Alpine Performance
    Kastle Skier Giulia Monego Scoring All-Time Couloirs in the Dolomites - Turns & Curves Episode 1. more. Ice Climbing with Giulia Monego: Cold ice to warm up .

  • Head Xenon Xi 3.0 Railflex Skis Reviews on
    I have been skiing my trusty old school 200 Rossi 4s straight skis for years, but they were . They are easy to turn, and stable for most intermediate speeds.

  • What Length Should Your New Skis Be? |
    A wider ski will provide more stability and flotation in deep and variable snow, while . type of ski insist on turning, act squirrely when pointed straight, and dictate .

Head Xenon Skis Reviews | Skis | Review Centre
Head Xenon skis are Light, Stable, fast and simply a dream ride! I've been on Volkls for the past 6 years but wanted more than a screaming fast groomer.

An Pure Powder insight into changing skiing technology | The ...
Jan 14, 2011 . More and more, the equipment you have is starting to make a difference . That is , older straight skis had a nearly constant width from the tips to the tails. . Although they will be a little less stable and feel somewhat flimsy, you .

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Nov 23, 2012 . More Ski the better go with the 15", if you sink down in it will take more power to move. . axle area both inside and outside of the wheel for structural stability. . 185's I have found my fastest gear configuration is straight skis.

Choosing Children's Skis and Ski Boots - Top Tips
It's a good idea to choose shaped skis instead of traditional straight skis, as they don't exert as much leverage on children's legs, are more stable and easier to .

Ski technique - ski rocker
Deep-powder skis have been changing over the last few years, and now . The worst scenario is to land too far forwards and go straight over the handlebars! . Here are some of the advantages that the normal fat skis have: More stability at .

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Rent Skis/Snowboards! - The BackCountry
Our store is very close to a huge assortment of high quality Sierra ski touring destinations that we have outlined on our website. . Email mike@ if you need more than a few speciality items . Fairly straight skis with edges . Try it with poles, you will be able to move faster and you will feel much more stable .

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Ski length as a factor of speed
In other words, if you went straight down the same slope with the same . Longer skis are more stable due to their length which is why longer .

  • Skiing - Carving Tip - Advanced Ski Lesson - YouTube
    Apr 3, 2009 . I used to ski with old straight skis and when I turned I always keep my skis . A wider stance is more stable and allows the legs? to move more .

  • General Help and FAQ - Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park
    Sep 3, 2010 . Shorter skis are lighter, more maneuverable and less tiring to use. . gives you much more use of the effective length than with traditional straight skis; . area and provide more stability and floatation in varied snow conditions.

  • TBA – Elementary Schools/Traditional and Clusters
  • How to define the right binding mounting point on skis? | Homeboy
    Mar 1, 2008 . While you may sacrifice forward directional float and stability, it's . Stiff and straight skis tend to be more sensitive for small changes of the .

  • Variable Conditions but Non-Variable Skiers - Catamount Trail
    the actual skiing and more about the people. . ? While straight running on a gentle grade, jump up and . stable, ready to leap into the next turn. This can be .

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Line Sir Francis Bacon - A Seriously Playful Ski | ...
Feb 22, 2013 . The Line Sir Francis Bacon ski is simply one of the most fun and playful skis I have ever . they were a big step up from the straight skis I had skied earlier. . They were certainly controllable, but they were not as stable as the .

Are my skis way too short?
You'll find a longer ski will be more stable in the air. . I started on straight skis, when you turned you put most of your weight on the outside leg, .

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How to Choose Downhill Skis |
Shorter skis are lighter and quicker-turning, but are sometimes less stable on . an advanced-shaped ski with a deep sidecut (narrower at the waist) for more .

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Ski Sizes For Kids | LIVESTRONG.COM
Sep 2, 2010 . Most ski shops fit kid skis by measuring from the ground to the chin in centimeters . . A longer ski gives better control and stability, so if you have a little . Shaped skis have largely replaced the long, straight skis of the past.

Where to Ski and Snowboard Forums | Rear -entry ski boots - an end ...
I make assumptions here, but I think most skiers spend a fair . Please don't think I am someone wedded to old 2m straight skis, all in -ones and bobble hats . . progresses I have to tighten them frequently to maintain stability.

Rossignol Skis Review |
It is best to demo several lengths of ski to find the best fit. Shorter skis allow for quicker turning, but longer skis will go faster and be more stable at speed.

How to Size Skis |
In the days of traditional straight skis, skis came in two basic types: downhill and . a more advanced skier will probably want longer skis for greater stability.

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Volkl On Sale, Volkl Ski Shop, Alpine, Downhill Skiing, Snow Skis ...
Volkl continues to innovate and press new development in their skis, while keepthe . From the old school straight skis to the 1st generation of shaped and now I have . More stable than most powder skis, holds an edge very well even on the .

Shape and flex pattern | Custom Ski and Snowboard Blog | Wagner ...
Oct 13, 2008 . The loaded ski now made a more-or-less straight beam and could be pushed . The rocker is a way to make a very big heavy stable ski feel .

Comments - Wooden Cross Country Skis
You can make straight sided skis as shown below or have a decorative, Nansen- style . I noticed that they were a lot more stable than my Karhu's or Skilom.

Ski Log 2004-2005 season
Jan 30, 2005 . If you ski it like your old straight skis you will not experience the full effect of . Not only that, but the skis are much more stable these days using .

Relative Ski Position - Bumps For Boomers
In days of yesteryear when we used straight skis, this was a desirable . to be countered so that the hips are facing more downhill than the direction of ski travel . . First, it is an inherently less stable position to have the uphill ski ahead of the .

10 Ways Women Can Ski Better | Hi Tempo Ski Shop MN
If you are struggling with your skiing, it is not your fault. . boots more comfortable and most importantly set you up for quicker, easier turns and comfort and stability on the snow. . The skis don't track straight and they're more difficult to turn.

heartcarving - a new way to ski
I love the part where you straight line through the lift corral. . For that type of skiing I would prefer a SL ski - more stability and purer carving .

The Best Downhill Alpine Skis |
Equipped with two layers of a carbon laminate and a square shape, it makes it fast, stable and rigid. This model is appropriate for expert-level skiers.

Salomon Shogun Ski |
Don't worry though, we have a lot more Fat skis in stock than that. . reverse camber in the ski tip for stability on-piste and flotation in the powder; Bamboo . In the old days, my last pair of truly straight skis were 205?s and they were too long .

Advantages of Shaped Skis |
Today's shaped skis are light-years ahead of the older straight skis, helping beginning skiers accomplish in . A broader tail aids in stability. . Choose an all- mountain ski if you spend most of your time skiing in-bounds but enjoy groomed runs, .

Why do slalom skis feel unstable and riotously out of control on ...
I ski a 155 slalom and I don't think there is a more stable ski on steeps. . After 47 years on straight skis these feel pleasant and easy to turn.

192 Big dumps?
A buddy of mine really loves stiff straight skis, but he likes this for his tree ski. . They are the most stable ski make, you can scrub your speed .

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Another Kabookie vs Bone Question
The Bonafide, of all the skis I tried, was also the most predictable on boilerplate. . the Bone being a super stable platform where guys can slide into a turn. . different sport relative to the days of straight skis that I remember.

ACL braces for skiing? Any thoughts?
Is it that the non braced skiers are more likely to get hurt from skiing because they don't have a . Stability is probably the key. . with shaped skis whose tails were more likely to hold rather than skid free (like old straight skis).

Salomon BBR Ski - pure genius? or pure stupidity?
Mar 2, 2011 . As far as stability, 186s felt like low to mid 170s. . For the more advanced and frequent skier who's looking to fill a similar . thats a straight ski .

Old School Skiing Technique
Hi all, I have recently aquired some old school straight skis (K2 Unlimited VO . I could be wrong and offcourse it could be a pc of the puzzle but more important is how to unweight the skis in order to turn. . But also stable.

Death of METAL????
I wonder if the skier's style isn't more relevant. If you crud bust by just bombing straight through you want an ultra stable ski. If you view the crud .